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since 01/2007
Avengina International - 'Era Blue'
current build: Rover 0.6.1 'Karl Heinrich Edition' (ROugh VERsion)
last change: May 09 2017 04:41:06 pm CEST (info)
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Current build:

AVENGINA ROVER* 0.6.1 'Karl Heinrich Edition'


  • browsable platform independent realtime 3D graphics engine


  • interactive software for the visualization of texts (e.g. lyrics), images or just 3D-worlds

Realtime features:

Rendering system:

  • per-pixel-lighting (basing on vertex program 1.0/ fragment program 1.0)
  • dynamic geometry independent full scene z-pass! stencil volume shadows
  • normal mapping
  • specular reflections
  • smooth shading
  • light coronas (billboards)
  • mouse/keyboard navigation
  • sportive avatar collision detection


  • vertical synchronization
  • shadows
  • anisotropic filter
  • bump maps
  • specular reflections
  • shader setup
  • brightness
  • full scene antialiasing (launch configuration)
  • texture quality (launch configuration)

User (admin) features:

Exhibits (texts/images assigned to an eligible frame) can be placed into a predefined scenegraph as follows (overview):

  • text- and/or imagedata (.bmp, .jpg, .png) have to be associated with a predefined frame
  • specification of frame-transformation in world space
  • specification of text/image-transformation in frame-coordinates

  • adjustable properties of exhibits:

    • shadowcaster/no caster
    • shaded/shadeless
    • collision sensitive/not sensitive

  • textfiles with a simple syntax are the containers of the specifications described above

Minimum system requirements:


  • GeforceFX||Radeon9500 (Support of ShaderModel2.0 required)
  • CPU at about 1.0GHz should work
  • 512Mb of RAM


  • Java Runtime Environment 1.5

Technical backgrounds:

  • programming language: Java
  • implementation as Java applet and Java application
  • graphic API: OpenGL
  • API binding: JOGL

    OpenGL extensions:

    • ARB_vertex_buffer_object
    • ARB_vertex_program
    • ARB_fragment_program
    • ARB_multitexture
    • EXT_stencil_two_side (if available)
    • EXT_depth_bounds_test (if available)


Run demo...

  • to experience her running
  • to take a look at my lyrical effusions
  • to take a look at me
(to be upgraded...)

 *ROVER: apronym for ROugh VERsion
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